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An Amazing Collection of Wonderful Souls Sharing their Wisdom!

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Mellen-Thomas Benedict

“Journey through the Light and Back”
Introduction to Mellen’s Near Death Experience (NDE) – Mellen’s miraculous recovery and full remission is one of the most extensive NDEs ever recorded.

Mellen will share insights gained from his visitations with the Light. Gain a new perspective on the period from 2012 to 2060. Experience a paradigm shift transcending popular concerns of doom and gloom about the Future of Humanity and our Mother Earth/Gaia.
(A must see 3-hr multimedia presentation)

“Living at the Speed of Light”
Recent research has discovered that specific wavelengths of light can enhance cellular regeneration, energy, mood, sleep, and longevity. This will introduce the new DreamSpa Photon Energy System, A Unique “All-in-One” Anti-Aging and Energy Renewal System

Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka)

“Writing Your Life Story” (Part 1)
Experience An Exciting New Technique for Creating the Life of Your Dreams
(with Question & Answer session)

“Living Your Life Story” (Part 2)
How to Transform the Vision of Your Most Desired Life “From a Dream into a Reality”
(includes a Guided Meditation of Light, Color and Sound with the Magical “Holotope”)

“Refining Your Life & Afterlife Story” (Part 3)
Specialized Techniques for Refining and Clarifying  the New Life You Are Living.
(includes an Open Question & Answer Session AND a Guided Meditation “Holotope” Experience)
Bonus Feature:  A Peak Into the Afterlife

Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD

Reflections on the Art of Healing
and Living

Bernie shares his experiences over many decades with survival behavior and self-induced healing, revealing unconscious beliefs, and how mind-body unity and health is related to these beliefs.

Bernie will also do a book signing for his newest title – A Book of Miracles.

Dr. Judith Kravitz

“Transforming with Breath”
Breathwork that Heals & Utterly Transforms
An Experiential Workshop -
A Testimonial: “I have personally benefited from the gifts Judy brings to Breathwork, and I would highly recommend the benefits of her [Transformational Breath] course for pregnant women and those caring for them.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of “Women’s Bodies” and “Women’s Wisdom”

Kirby Seid

Light Labyrinth
An amazing session of self-discovery with the latest technology in Light, Sound, Art and Crystals. Kirby is the founder of the Light Labyrinth Project. Projecting light and sound compositions on ancient quartz crystals and sacred geometric art.

Kathy Williams

Living Life Through Preference
Learn to align with your highest vision,
shift, and respond to situations harmoniously. Kathy will address and clarify how our thoughts take us off-track and share how to create our physical reality experience with joy and excitement.

Carol Clark

“Practice Tai Chi and QiGong
Practice Tai Chi and QiGong  exercises designed to focus on breathing, posture, grounding, balancing, absorbing and circulating healing chi.

Bret DuBack

“Gentle Kundalini Yoga”
Working on the breath, the naval center, and the back and spine are the three basic focuses in Kundalini yoga. This style of yoga incorporates Breathing, Stretching, Mantras, Meditation and Movement to complete the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Suan Armstrong

“Sacred Chant & Music”
Sacred chant which quiets the mind and opens the heart. Journey to a place deep within your heart, which transports you into an infinite sea of love and higher dimensions of consciousness


The seekers and visionaries of the Tri-State areas are expected to flock to Connecticut’s first Soul Wisdom Weekend, to be held at the beautiful 66-acre Dolce Retreat and Conference Center in Norwalk on August 26-28.

The Weekend is produced by Dy’Ann Suares, whose Timeless Health Solutions offers a positive energetic application model designed to assist the BodyMind in returning to its True Authentic Nature and state of Well Being.

The purpose of the Soul Wisdom event is to embody the vision of a community moving to a higher vibration.

As evolution propels us through its advancing stages, the changes we knew we would be facing are now upon us, and they are profound. With them comes a strong new desire for increased personal power, as our hearts are desiring the freedom we have been promised. One of our main challenges now is to incorporate and integrate these rapid changes efficiently and quickly into our MindBody consciousness.

Fortunately, there are pioneers among us offering creative and exciting solutions. They are living and breathing the new paradigm, the higher consciousness, and it’s by their example that we are shown how to embrace the often dramatic, surprising changes we face daily.

Three of the Featured Soul Wisdom participants who will present their ideas and solutions over the course of the weekend:

• Mellen-Thomas Benedict – . Having returned to life with the world’s most famously transformational near-death experience, Mellen can go back to the Light at will. He has been called by Deepak Chopra “an encyclopedia of the afterlife.” During this first-ever East Coast appearance at the Soul Wisdom weekend, Mellen will speak about his dramatic near-death experience and will present “Gaia 2012 and Beyond,” a multimedia seminar offering the fresh perspective on the near future that he was shown in holographic detail while on the Other Side. During another session he will introduce important new photon energy research. “Be prepared to have your worldview rocked and enlightened,” Mellen says. Mellen-Thomas.com

• America’s most beloved and influential mind-body pioneer, Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of eleven books, including the iconic Love, Medicine and Miracles and a new collection of miracle stories due out in September, 2011. Bernie Siegel is a great healer with an amazing presence and a major message for this time. For further information, go to BernieSiegelMD.com.

• Experience the wisdom and humor of the world-renowned inter-dimensional consciousness “Bashar” channeled by Darryl Anka, as he brings through leading-edge information designed to activate your consciousness and take you to the next level of cosmic awareness.  Bashar will show you how to navigate the coming earth changes and how to create a life that is the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams. This weekend’s 3-part journey gives you the tools you need to live your best life and includes two magical “Holotope” guided meditation experiences of light, color and sound that will anchor all that you’ve learned deep within your consciousness. A not-to-be missed adventure! www.bashar.org

• And we will integrate it all in a session with the pioneering Transformational Breathwork of Judith Kravitz. There’s breathing, and then there’s Breathing that will heal you, bring you to consciousness, reveal the hidden, and utterly change your life. “Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher for breathwork I have ever encountered in both the East and the West. Her techniques have the power to lead one to a direct experience of liberation on many levels. You may call it a short cut to enlightenment.” — Rinpoche Tulku Thubten, Tibetan Buddhist Lama.  TransformationalBreathing.com.

We will experience the river of life moving through us gently as we savor the weekend’s other healing modalities. Here is a sampling:

  • Carol Clark sharing her essence through Tai Chi
  • Bret Duback with gentle Kundalini Yoga
  • Suan, a flutist, creating a circle of Sacred Movement, enchanting us with ancient sound healing
  • Kathy Williams sharing her empowering, liberating Experiment in Preferential Living

All Soul Wisdom programs will offer us an opportunity to feel our personal power increase, as we begin to understand the importance of a self-sustaining, self- organizing approach to a joyful, fearless future.

We invite your support for this exciting, transformational weekend.

We increase the evolution of the planet itself each time we choose to raise our awareness enough to invite new possibilities.

Let’s allow for new possibilities together, in this now moment,

Dy’Ann Suares


Cell: 860 318 5638


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